" Competence and courtesy are the elements that have distinguished our collaboration with Omnes. Jacopo and Alessio constantly help us grow our applications in a timely and precise manner. Recommended. "
Stefano Del Gobbo,
Project Manager IT at The ID Factory
" Alessio was my employee for about 4 years. He opened his business and immediately made himself available to establish collaboration between companies. Now he intervenes in improving some of our products, allowing us to obtain excellent results. "
Alberto Polzonetti,
Chairman at E-lios Srl
" We are pleased to have begun this long collaboration with Omnes srls, we have cooperated directly with Jacopo and Alessio, empathetic and helpful people, ready to evaluate and satisfy the needs of their customers. Jacopo was the real programming project manager and stood out for his great IT and problem solving skills, as well as coaching and guidance towards our internal manager of that area. Alessio turned to us mainly as a communicator and mediator for solving problems and was very useful in advising us on various ways to go as a start-up even beyond the purely technical aspect. The collaboration with them has now lasted for more than a year, there have certainly been ups and downs due to the uncertainty of the sector in which we work and the rapid growth they have had as a company. Our experience was very positive thanks to their ability to share and make our problems their own. In business it is really difficult to get along, especially when talking about uncertain, constantly changing, extremely ambitious topics with limited budgets such as those of start-ups. We believe in a two-way collaborative approach and so far it is working with them. if it works, you deserve it and you certainly deserve it, but in my experience it is not easy to find someone who is able to repay your trust, especially with the working conditions just listed. I consider myself happy with our collaboration with Omnes, I think I can also speak on behalf of my partner and co-founder, so much so as to renew the contract with them with a view to a more long-term collaboration. I expect an evolution of the relationship equal to that of the business we have decided to launch into. "
Leonardo Colombo,
Co founder and sole director at Trytopia srls
" A young and prepared company, made up of young and approachable guys. We have been collaborating for about a year and I place extreme trust and esteem in them. They always have good ideas and are constantly updated on innovative and cutting-edge technologies. "
Simone Russo,
Copywriter freelancer